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Mobile Kitchen Systems
5305 Enterprise Street
Sykesville, MD 21784  

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Mobile Kitchen Systems is dedicated to maintaining a variety of mobile kitchens to include tented kitchens, disaster relief kitchens,skid kitchens, to your choice of a 20 foot mobile kitchen trailer or a 40 foot mobile kitchen trailer as well as modular containerized kitchens in 20 and 40 foot lengths. Since each customers appliance mix varies, we have the ability to configure the appliances to best suit the application. Applications include special events, kitchen renovations, hospitals, hotels, emergency and disaster relief situations.  All of our mobile kitchen trailers can be configured to support any electrical, propane and/or natural gas kitchen appliance. 

Each mobile kitchen is custom built in a 20 foot or 40-foot mobile trailer and is a fully self contained functional kitchen. The mobile kitchens are designed with flexibility and functionality in mind and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your needs.   


Our modular kitchens and kitchen complexes are designed for larger scale applications. All of our 20 ft and 40 ft mobile kitchens are designed to be modular. Each unit can be combined and configured to provide a large scale fully functional kitchen complex of any size you choose. Each complex allows you the flexibility to add dry storage, dishwashing areas, loading docks, and walk in coolers and freezers. 

Tented kitchens come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each of our tented kitchens provide a clear and open work area.  All appliances can be positioned and placed to meet your specific production needs.  


Our skid kitchens provide an easy cooking alternative when cooking at an outdoor event or under a tent. Skid kitchens are equipped with your choice of  propane, electric or natural gas appliances pre-installed and make for an easy and simple setup. Each skid kitchen is constructed using heavy duty steel for the frame and lightweight polished aluminum for the exterior. Our skid kitchens  come equipped with a stainless steel ventilation hood, Ansul fire suppression system, and lighting. 


We look forward to assisting with your upcoming rental needs. Please email us @


Check out our Rental Equipment Gallery to see our most popular items.

We also carry a vast array of commercial kitchen equipment available for rental, including:

Ovens & Stoves  

Tilt Skillets / Braising Pans  


 Freezers & Refrigerators 

 Warming Cabinets  


Walkin Refrigerators & Freezers  

Steam Tables

Stock Pot Burners 

Induction Burners 



Flattop Griddles

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